Innovative LED solutions

For Animal Husbandry

Improve weight gain and feed conversion

With Our Broiler RGB-W LED Lamp

Our solution use indirect and colored light to optimize broiler production:

Improved Productivity

Studies have shown that colored light improves growth and weight gain while optimizing feed conversion.

Uniform Flock Distribution

The RGB-W lamp provides an indirect light source that ensures even distribution of broilers by minimizing shadow formation. 

Better Animal Welfare

Improved lighting conditions reduce stress and improves acitivity level and health. Uniform broiler distribution also reduce blisters and foot ulcer incidents. 

High Performance LED lighting

LED Livestock’s solution offers high power efficiency and longer lifetime due to the effective heat transmission of our technology.


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The Technology

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LED Livestock develop and sell innovative LED lighting solutions for livestock production. Our products increase livestock metrics and reduce costs associated with farm production. The company is a spin-out from LED iBond and draws upon their patented technology to ensure high performance and reliable LED lighting for your farm animals.

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